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“I heard about Heather from another Agent, and decided to have her investigate what the issue was. Heather cleared and blessed the house and property and it sold in short order. I’m a believer!”Jay Shearer, Real Estate Agent, Re/Max

“I’m a top Real Estate Agent in Sedona, Arizona and firmly believe in the power of energy clearing. Meeting Catherine and Heather has changed my life. Anytime I have trouble selling a house I call the Ghost Busting Gurus to do a clearing and it usually sells within a week or two. Having their assistance provides me with a competitive edge.” 

Cindy Chapman, Coldwell Banker

The Ghostbusting Gurus

Catherine and Heather featured in Forbes magazine
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People call me the Ghost Busting Guru and my family is well known in the Real Estate biz. I keep the Real Estate know-how in the family by helping savvy realtors sell homes and businesses faster and for more money.


The more I worked with sound frequency for healing, the more sensitive I became to the presence of other spiritual beings. These beings can affect the energy of your home, property, business and even your personal health. I created a unique technique to clear these energies and have been successfully working around the world to make homes and businesses happier and more profitable.

We have the gift of being able to identify and transform the energy of people, places and things and have been removing and crossing over “spirit people” or ghosts for more than 15 years. As we spoke of our experiences our reputations grew. Now we are sought out internationally for our expertise by Realtors and property owners who know that they have a problem. We have cleared the energies of people and properties in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Dubai, South America, Africa and Australia, and we can do this clearing work from our own offices!

Ghost Busting Gurus

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