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Who are the Ghost Busting Gurus?

Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan are the Founders of the Sound Reiki Institute and the creators of Sound Reiki®, a powerful energy healing system. Highly intuitive and experts in the field of sound vibrational healing, Catherine and Heather use a cutting edge technique they created to clear the energy of homes, property, people, and businesses.

How do you know if there is “something” in your home or place of business?

Do you hear bumps in the night?

Do your lights flash on and off?

Does your radio or tv turn on or off by itself?

Often this can be unhappy people, in spirit, who are grounded on earth. They might have experienced trauma in life or in death and are so connected with these events that they cannot or will not, find their way to the Other Side. We assist in the transition of these spirit people off the earthly plane and use the utmost respect and compassion when doing so.

And, sometimes, it is not a ghost but a negative energy that has taken up residence in a home or on a property.

This is not a lost soul but an energy with negative intent and they can be extremely difficult to dislodge.

This energy can even be ancestral, following your bloodline for generations.

You might have already tried many of the traditional ways of clearing energy without success.

Catherine and Heather have the ability to “see” what is going on with your property or business and to trace this energy to its root, whether in this life or a past life.

Mike and I bought a 100-year-old house and, at the risk of sounding like Patricia Arquette’s character in the series The Medium, we experienced many ghost encounters. My daughter, who is sensitive to energy, was scared to go upstairs. There was one particular room, which we made into a toy room, that she would not enter. I told a friend about this, and she introduced to me Heather  Hannan who is a TransformationALL Life Coach, Creator of Sound Reiki, and Ghost Buster (what a great title, eh?! I loved it!). Heather came over and explained to me that there was a dark energy in my home and it was hiding in that very toy room upstairs.  She removed the energy – this was certainly a first for me! But that day after school, my daughter came home, walked into the toy room alone, and played! We couldn’t believe it. Mike even felt calmer and the chaos that I thought was natural in my home disappeared.

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Rhianna Weaver

Hockey Wives Star

Since the day we moved into our new house my younger son had told me we were not alone!  He sensed the presence of someone.  He often would tell me his items were being rearranged or constantly disappearing and then reappearing days later. A spirit was confirmed, the house cleared of his presence and this gave him the opportunity to cross over and join his family.  All the activity stopped.



Thank you for the clearing and blessing you placed on our house.  Our house was on the market for several weeks and the day it was blessed was the day it sold!




For Realtors, we investigate your listing to determine what is required to clear the energy of your listing. With this assessment, we can then move forward to remove this energy and the blocks that are the result of it. AND, we can also do the same assessment for you and your business to determine if something is blocking the sale of your listings.


For Homeowners, we investigate your home and property to determine what is affecting you and remove it.

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