Personal Energy Clearing

Generate more success in business and life!

Could it be you?

Could it be YOUR energy that is being affected by something negative and that is what is affecting your success in your life and business?

Whether you know it or not, your energy can be affected by the people, places and situations that you find yourself in.

You know that feeling you have when you spend time with someone that always leaves you feeling drained – like the life has been sucked out of you?

Or the feeling you have when you are in a home or at an event and something just doesn’t feel right.

Everything has a vibration and that vibration is either negative or positive.

Positive vibrations promote happy, light feelings.

Negative vibrations can result in uncomfortable feelings, unexplained anxiety, a lack of energy, anger, sadness or that feeling that nothing ever goes right.

Sometimes people wish us ill will. This can be because of a disagreement, or envy, or a business deal gone wrong.

Energy vibrations are magnetic. When negative vibrations or energy attach themselves to you they can affect your life and business by attracting similar negative energies.

POSITIVE ENERGY attracts success and positive experiences and situations.

Negative energy attracts negative experiences and situations.

This can be the result of unhappy spirits, a negative entity or something ancestral that you are carrying forward from a past life.

With Personal Energy Clearing we will remove negative energies and their effect on you, whether from this life or a past life including any Energy Attachments or Cords, Karmic Patterns and Spiritual Contracts.

Life changing? Absolutely! Loved every minute.


Personal Trainer

I feel an inner peace and calm now because of the work you have done with me, having a better sense of direction. Your generous spirit has moved me, and I myself feel the impulse to discover that same generosity of spirit in my own being because of the weight that has been lifted from my shoulders. Because of the work you do, you have taught me a lot in the short time we have been in touch, and I am grateful.

Amin S. A.